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True DevOps Includes Database Deployment

Having your database in source control and included into your automated deployment is considered a true CI/CD configuration. Getting to this point can be challenging but well worth the dedication and perseverance. We are going to walk through some of the key items you need to consider before taking the steps.

What is this thing we call DevOps?

DevOps didn't gain much traction in the tech community until about three years ago and has several different meanings. Today we are going to take a look at DevOps.

Cloud Deployment Models

So you want to move to the cloud and need to select the correct model that meets your needs. We are going to go over the three different models to choose from and their advantages.

SQL Server 2019 Availability Groups with Kubernetes

Microsoft first introduced SQL Server on Linux with their 2017 version and has only scraped the surface of many new features to come. Today we are looking at SQL Server 2019 HA Always on Availability Groups (AG) within a Kubernetes cluster. This article will assume you have some experience with Kubernetes containers and configuration.

SQL Server 2017 Installation

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 has many new features. Some of the features are the ability to install on Linux and Linux based Docker containers, SSIS Scale Out Master and Scale-Out Worker, resumable online index rebuilds and Machine Learning Service language supporting R/ Python. In this article, we are going to show you how to install a 2017 basic database engine.

Get Your Feet Wet with Kitematic by Docker

Kitematic is an easy way to start using Docker without the scary command line. Just point, click and connect. Yes, it’s that easy. We are going to dive in and show you what you need all the way down to connecting to SQL Server 2017 Docker image. (Just for the record, I still like command line, but this is a quick option).

How to Choose the Right Database

I had a developer ask me a question the other day that made me take a few steps back. They asked me how would I know if the database I want to use is the right one? Now this question is like producing a new report for the business. It will raise a bunch of other questions with deeper analysis and eventually, the answer comes to the forefront. Let’s look at a few current options.